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Content marketing and creating a presence online doesn’t have to be so hard! With the right combination of research, writing, design, and reporting – you can look like you own the internet. From SEO content creation to social media management, content design, and lead-generation content, we can help take your online platforms to the next level and help you generate the leads you’re looking for.


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We believe that every organization and business can benefit from the power of content marketing. Finding a way to make that happen sustainably and affordably though can be difficult. We started Breezy to bridge this gap. A scalable and sustainable solution for small businesses and startups as well as allowing marketing consultants and agencies to expand their services in a simple way. 

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Get your very own content dashboard that includes your content calendar along with analytics from your website and all your social media channels.

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One of the biggest problems we see and aim to solve is creating a content strategy and actually executing that for our clients. While you may be able to write an amazing blog post on your own, you simply don’t have the time and resources to do this on a weekly basis. Not to mention creating a strategy that aligns all of your content efforts towards one goal each month. We bring together SEO content, blog writing, social media management, content graphic design, and lead generation content so you never have to worry about your content marketing efforts again.

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