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The Content Problem is Real

With more than two decades of experience in partnering with businesses big and small, we often found ourselves crafting holistic marketing plans that included elements like social media updates, blog articles, lead-generating PDFs, or infographics. Clients would typically be impressed with the strategy, but often remark that they could handle the content creation themselves. Invariably, three months down the line, they had produced nothing.

Recognizing this gap, Savannah and Josh took it upon themselves to address the issue in the most efficient manner.

Enter Breezy Content.

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Savannah Abney

Partner | Chief Executive Officer

Creating consistent, value-based content for your audience is no easy task - especially over a long period of time. Three years ago, I began to recognize the real need that my freelance clients had for a more comprehensive content solution than just one or two people could provide. When searching for this solution alongside my former colleague, we quickly realized there was a gap in the market around an affordable content solution. We partnered together to launch Breezy to help small businesses, startups, and agencies build content machines that drive brand awareness, establish credibility and fuel business growth.


Josh Webb

Partner | Chief Marketing Officer

As a business owner, I understand the frustration of knowing you have a great product that people don’t seem to understand. I have been creating brand experiences since 2001. Since that time I have worked as an agency Creative Director and entrepreneur, helping top-tier brands transform complex business requirements into creative strategies that get results. As a marketing strategist, I have worked with over 500 organizations to help them flesh out their offerings and realize their unique vision. I started Breezy with Savannah because I was constantly recommending on-going content as part of my client strategies, but they simply couldn't do it.

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Emilie Hunter

Content Team Director

Storytelling-Focused Marketing Manager and Content Creator | Professional experience in a variety of industries including Real Estate, Fine Art, Landscaping, Textiles, Entertainment, Aviation, Transportation, Commercial Development, Healthcare, & more.



Our clients are real people and we strive to build real relationships.


Our word matters and we come through on our promises.


We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and treat their business like we would our own.


Our work represents our clients and says a lot about who we are.


Every minute counts and is one of the ways we create freedom in our lives.


We strive to create real community with our team, clients and online.

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Content Marketing Team that plans, writes and designs your social media and articles.

Website Designers and Developers that make sure your site is running at it’s best.