Introducing our new brand…Breezy!

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Content marketing has become the marketing type of choice for many small businesses, consultants, coaches, and startups. It’s all about owning your piece of the internet. It helps a brand look competent, prepared, and empathetic towards the customer. It shows your subject-matter expertise and gives great value to your audience as well.

But content marketing and creation can take a massive chunk of time for any business. While content marketing has proven to be more than worth it, you can create time you simply don’t have!
That’s where our work comes in at Breezy.

The Content Machine

Our process is what truly makes us different. We call it the Content Machine. It’s comprised of 4 different parts:
– Dedicated Content Creator
– Monthly Content Planning and Strategy
– Writing, Design, and Publishing
– Easy analytics

Dedicated Content Creator

Great content starts by finding the right partner to help you create it. That’s the first step in the Content Machine – matching you with the perfect Content Creator. Our content creators are committed to making exceptional content for you that will help you achieve your business goals and keep content marketing off your mind. Our Content Creators work with our in-house team of designers and writers to create the right content for your business and to help you achieve your goals and gain new leads. With a direct and dedicated Content Creator, you’ll never have to worry about the status of any content or know what direction to take next — they’ll lead the way!

Monthly Content Planning and Strategy

As a small business owner or startup founder, you know you need a monthly content calendar, but you also don’t need another checklist to manage. At Breezy, we will strategize, plan and manage your content calendar you. If you’ve tried to manage your own content before without success, it might be because of your previous editorial calendar. With our approach, we’ll work to align your business goals, lead generation campaigns and more to bring all of your marketing efforts together and power it with great content!

Writing, Design, and Publishing

Content doesn’t just mean words on the page. It also doesn’t just mean cool graphics or videos. Not to mention getting all of that out into the world!
At Breezy, we do it all! We make sure that the writing, design, and publishing all go hand-in-hand, meeting your branding standards and ensure that everything is published correctly and consistently. No more finding a graphic designer, a copywriter, and a separate social media manager. We’re a one-stop-shop for all of your content needs.

Easy Analytics

It’s crucial to track the progress that your content is making, but again, who has the time? Our custom dashboard makes looking over analytics incredibly easy!
Check out your social stats, blog engagement, the website traffic and more in one easy place. The custom dashboard also houses your monthly content calendar so you can see all of your content marketing efforts in one easy and accessible place. We’ll go over this data at our monthly check-ins to see progress and inform our strategy going forward.
You can also rest easy knowing your dedicated Content Creator and Account Manager are reviewing these analytics every month and using it to make informed decisions about future content. We don’t just look at analytics – we actually let them fuel us forward!

Getting Started

Want to know about what we offer and creating your own content marketing team? Let’s chat! Send us a message anytime.

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