When to Use Content Marketing 

when to use content marketing

If you’re a business owner in 2021 and you aren’t using content marketing, you’re potentially missing out on many opportunities to not only reach your target audience but turn them into loyal customers. Content marketing can boost your SEO and sales while building customer trust and loyalty as well as demonstrating your thought leadership in your industry. Keep reading to learn more about when to use content marketing.

  when to use content marketing
What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing involves creating content and sharing it to generate interest in a specific topic to a specific audience. It can be used strategically for your small to midsize business and can be very effective and successful when delivered properly. It can include a variety of different outlets, such as social media, infographics, blogs, videos, podcasts, paid ads. These versatile options allow you to determine which outlet would be best given your brand or product.

when to use content marketing
When to Use Content Marketing

Here are some of the most opportune times to use content marketing:

To Convert Leads into Sales

Content marketing can be a great way to turn prospects and leads into concrete sales. By creating unique content, you can optimize specific keywords that are often searched. It is important to identify these keywords so you can incorporate them into your marketing content. Try to identify the type of target audience your product is targeting; this will help identify important keywords. Consider adding calls to action or CTAs, into your content marketing strategies. Calls to action include different options, such as links for “buy now” or “add to cart”. These encourage customers to follow through with sales.

To Educate Consumers

Informational videos or podcasts (forms of CM) can be used to help educate consumers on specific topics that are difficult to understand in text formatting. You can do something like create an infographic or create an instructional video to help readers understand your brand or product. How-to videos can be made to teach consumers even more about your brand, product, or service. For visual attraction, content marketing can help give your business an advantage over websites that are text-heavy without graphics or video content.

To Build Trust

You can build trust with consumers by creating unique and engaging content via content marketing. For example, improving your reputation can ultimately increase your positive reviews, which in turn leads to more sales. Having a great landing page means consumers are more likely to check out the rest of your website. If consumer lands upon your website, and the website is unappealing or difficult to navigate, they are likely to go elsewhere. This could mean a lost lead for your business.

Improved Conversions

Measuring and improving your conversions means that the percentage of people who visit your website will become more meaningful to grow your business. For example, this could be an action performed on your websites, such as ordering or requesting a quote or estimate. CM can help your business improve conversion rates because it helps provide necessary information for customers to trust your brand and believe in your brand’s product, service, or message.

Generate Traffic via Social Media Presence

Having and maintaining a social media presence for your business is very important. Creating and putting content out on social media means more presence and awareness for your brand. People can share the content you create throughout their social media pages. This increases traffic and generates trust. People are likely to trust a brand with a strong social media presence and positive social media reviews.

when to use content marketing

For a fairly small investment, content marketing has the power to harness incredible results for your brand’s bottom line. To better understand when to use it in your unique business and to find out how we can help, reach out anytime!

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