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As a marketing consultant, you wear every hat. From brand development to creating funnels and casting vision for the overall marketing strategy of your clients, it’s a lot to handle on your own. Creating ongoing content for your clients is just another hat that you’re trying to wear too and it’s exhausting!

Bringing on additional team members is expensive, but you need to be able to scale your process to continue to provide more services, to more clients and grow your business.

That’s where Breezy comes in. Our virtual team acts as a white-label content creation solution for marketing consultants and small marketing businesses. We’ll become a part of your team, just like an additional employee would, without the added cost of hiring more people.


As a startup owner, you know the importance of making every dollar count while also looking into the future for scalable ways to expand your team. Our process is the perfect way to grow your content marketing efforts and expand your team with significantly less overhead then hiring additional employees. As a part of your team, we’ll hear from you on an ongoing, monthly basis about your goals for the startup and we’ll create a content strategy to help get you there.


Want to know about what we offer and creating your own content marketing team? Let’s chat! Send us a message anytime. 


If you could expand your team and services without hiring a single employee, would you be interested? At Breezy, this is exactly how we help and work with other marketing agencies. Most agencies are buried in brand strategy, website creation, logo design, and more and simply don’t have the bandwidth to offer ongoing content creation services. We act as an additional arm of your team so you can offer these services, expand your reach and draw in new clients.

Small Business

As an established small business, your growth has happened organically through word of mouth, local engagement and more traditional advertising. But now, you’re ready to take things to the next level and grow more through content marketing efforts. Breezy can certainly help with that! We’ll help you establish quality content on your blog, increase engagement and awareness on your social media platforms, and write SEO content to help drive more traffic to your website. 


Want to know about what we offer and creating your own content marketing team? Let’s chat! Send us a message anytime. 

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